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Leah Dalby MCSP Physiotherapist 

Myofascia & Scarring 

Pain, tight myofascia, scars or stuck after an accident, operation or radiotherapy? 
If so, some “hands on” work may help to get things moving and improve your comfort. Please feel free to ask if you hope that I can help you. 
Fascia is just under the skin. Around the muscles, in between the muscles and amongst our organs – almost everywhere in the body! It embraces the muscles so they can work efficiently and when we move, structures can slip over one another smoothly. 
When we have surgery, an injury or radiotherapy, the fascia can be scarred and get stuck – you may know someone who has had painful adhesions after abdominal surgery. 
The myofascial techniques I use are very effective on recent scars – perhaps after breast, gynaecological or cardiothoracic surgery and also work well on old scars. It has been moving to use them for women who have described themselves as, “disfigured” after Caesarian Section or other abdominal surgery, sometimes many decades earlier. 
Car accidents, crush injuries (machinery at work or being rolled on by farm animals) and burns can also benefit from “hands on” work. 

Scar healing 

swvwealaaThe first two years of healing are particularly important so I have been interested to discover that working with scars and injuries, sometimes decades old, can still respond well to treatment. 
For example, 40+ years after someone was rolled on by a large animal, their scarring benefited from treatment allowing better movement in their legs and much less back and abdominal pain. 
Restricted hip movement from extensive tight chest scarring (from infected and slow to heal wounds) responded well to physiotherapy. This was the first time that I had realised that injury above waist level could affect leg movement. 
Even a tight appendix scar can restrict shoulder and/or leg movement. 
Since 2013 I have been extending my specialist knowledge working with people who have had head and neck surgery, including radiotherapy causing tightness to the face and mouth. 
Bespoke, gentle treatment can help people move more freely, open their mouth more comfortably and improve facial expression after treatments for cancer, as well as car accidents, and "corrective," surgery. 
I can work inside your mouth (intraoral) as well as on the body. 
Seemingly small injuries or accidents may heal with an impactful scar. Even one treatment can make a significnt improvement. Commonly, people need several treatments. 
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