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Leah Dalby MCSP Physiotherapist 

Fitness & Wellbeing 

If you want to maintain or improve your balance, stamina, confidence, suppleness and strength then please feel free to contact me at Leah The Physio. 
You may have had planned orthopaedic surgery – a joint replacement, arthroscopy, keyhole surgery - or as an emergency after an accident.  
An appointment before surgery, to get you as fit as possible, can be useful too. 
Encouraging timely and enjoyable exercises for you is important for strength, balance, stamina, bone density, preventing stiffness and enjoying to move. 
It is never too late! Even if your operation or accident was “years ago,” if you are wanting improvement, feel free to phone 07934 785 797. 
Some people are seeking direction and support following a fall, broken bone (fracture), shocking diagnosis, or loss of confidence following bereavement. For others, their focus on work or caring for someone else may mean that their health and wellbeing has been neglected for a while.  
Currently, we have an epidemic of unsteadiness after prolonged time spent at home for many people. 


After an initial period of treatment, some people like appointments at intervals, to check that they are still doing the optimum exercises/stretches and enjoy a session of “hands on,” work to encourage relaxation, suppleness and “wellbeing.”  
I am conscious that for some people, I may be the only human being with whom they exchange any touch at all. 
Occasionally, I am approached when someone is “off their legs.” It is better to see a physio earlier rather than later as by this stage, it is enormously hard work for the person to regain mobility, whereas timely exercise and advice re eg equipment, furniture, easier ways to get in and out of bed may prevent loss of mobility or a fall. 
I am used to working with people who are frail, have Parkinsons Disease (PD), stroke (CVA), multiple sclerosis (MS), motor neurone disease (MND), multi system atrophy (MSA) and issues with communication or continence. 
Please feel free to contact me if you hope that I may be able to help you or you have an enquiry. 
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